DS Electronics Pro Slot Car Racing - DS-200 Lap Counter

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Complete lap counter for one or two lane tracks, specially for RALLY-SLOT, ENDURANCE, GT, FORMULA 1 and DRAGSTER RACES with the start light tree "Dragster Box Set" (ref. DS-0060).
Easy connection to "DS Card Control System" (ref. DS-0062).

13 different race programmes : Endurance, Rally-Slot, GT, Training, F-1, Dragsters, etc... with the different control and track systems combination.
4 digits per lane. Quick and easy reading of timing and laps, with one only button.
PERMANENT programming. The device memorises the programming until next change (although it may be disconnected).
It is the only lap counter designed for DRAGSTER races, together with "Dragster Box Set" light tree starting signal.
Specific programming for RALLY-SLOT races :
- Maximum time for a section.
- Shows laps/timing in seconds during the race.
- Once the section has finished, the lap counter shows time recorded in seconds, to thousands of seconds.
- Partial lap timing.
- Beep signal last lap.
- Race number programming.
- Ready to work with intelligent chip card "DS Card Control" (ref.DS-0062).
Time programming : From 10 seconds to 10 h.
Lap programming : From 1 to 9999 laps.
Minimal time programming between lap and lap in order to avoid recording more laps due to another car or object. Thus, we can programme a minimal time per lap with a close record to the average time per lap. You will be able to make motor tests with the cable V-shaped (ref. DS-0018), recording the top speed, partial timing of a particular track section.
Programming the desired car control system : TOTAL or INDEPENDENT lanes, for any kind of race.
Programming the start with power on the track (for instance, keeping an eye on the lights and penalising one lap the car passing under the bridge before the lights are red) or without power on the track (for instance : the traditional system where models start at the same time, due to the control of the "Stop & Go Box” (ref. DS-0021) or "PRO Stop & Go Box" (ref. DS-0061).
Track power control : Cars always stop at the end of the race, due to the power cut form the "Stop & Go Box" (ref. DS-0021) or "PRO Stop & Go Box" (ref. DS-0061), if installed.
PAUSE option. We can stop the race and the time recorded, so we can continue the race from the same point.
RS-232C exit for PC connection. The cable is not supplied with the lap counter ; we recommend the cable manufactured by DS, with reference DS- 0052.
Lap counter supplied with free demo WINSLOT software. The minimum required hardware/software is : Pentium III, with OS Windows 98/XP, 64 MB RAM, 20 free MB of Hard Disc and COM RS-232C.
Display of :
- Lap timing of every lane when the car is crossing the sensor.
- Time spend or time left for the finishing of the race, during or at the end of the race.
- 3 fastest lap times recorded for each lane during or at the end of the race.
- Partial timing of each lap for Rally-Slot.
- Total time recorded at the end of the programmed laps for each lane, at the end of the race.
- Timing data displayed in : thousands and tenth thousands of a second.
- Blinking of the winner lane.
- Blinking of the best lap time record of the race.
Red/green lights for visual control of the race start.
Acoustic signals for : programming, start, last lap, end of race, pause and fastest lap.
Connection to our card readers "DS Card Control" (with a card like the ones used at the telephones) for the control of races, drivers, track renting, etc...
For the correct working of this lap counter you need a power supply of 12 V. maximum and at least 1 A. D/C. We recommend the DS Power Supply (reference DS-0051).
Trade sensor is need to operate. Choose from DS wide range of sensors for many track systems.

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