Forget Black Friday!

Posted by Phil Smith on

Forget your one day sales, we have overhauled our postage and pricing system to permanently reduce prices for you. We no longer do free postage on items under 2kg but that isn't bad news. What it means is that we have removed the postage prices from these items and included an accurate weight pricing system. So it means that if you buy one item, it will be a similar price to previously but if you buy two items you will most likely pay the same postage price as for one item. You might even be able to get 3 or 4 items within the one postage weight band.

For example using rounded UK figures: Previously a car was £15 with free postage (£3 postage was written off by us).

Now the car is £12 and postage will be £3.

If you add a second or third car at £12, postage will still be £3.

The similar method of price reductions will be the same for international customers.

Our prices were low before, now they even lower!

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