Scalextric Track Design Service

Scalextric Track Design Service


Full design, supply and support service for your Scalextric Layout.

Using the latest CAD software and years of experience, we can design your dream bespoke layout. See examples below.

If you can provide the dimensions of the area where you wish to place your layout and your approximate budget. Which track type? Analogue or Digital. Add any features such as bridges, lap counters and barriers etc. We will guide you through the process with our friendly and helpful staff. Don't worry if you can't draw too well, we can use photos or descriptions and work through it with you. 

You will receive layout drawings so you can assemble your track. We also provide a full list of the track required and total price of the layout.

We charge £25 per hour +VAT and a minimum of 2 hours. No physical product is included in the design price. Once we have all the information from you, and you are happy, we will begin this design service. No hidden prices and done at the pace you require.

We reserve the right to use the design or parts of the design in any of our future layouts. Please let us know if you would like an exclusive design.

We communicate only by email. We usually reply very quickly. Sorry but we do not offer telephone support.

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Case studies

Dubai Design Week

Dubai Design Week 2022 Scalextric Layout

Dubai Design Week 2022 Scalextric Layout

Dubai Design Week 2022 Scalextric Layout

We were approached by Dubai Design Week to produce a layout. We discussed various options and once the client understood which Scalextric setup he would like, he then sent us a drawing.

Scalextric Track Design Service

We then produced a basic layout so the client could see how it would look.

Scalextric Track Design Service

The client then decided they wanted four lanes instead of two. So we produced a full CAD layout of which this is a sample:

Scalextric CAD design Service

The client then purchased all the track and parts from us and was provided with layout assembly instructions.



Dave H

We were asked by the client to produce a layout to fit in his attic space. He had already designed the approximate size of the bench and could provide us with a very good quality set of dimensions.

Scalextric Layout Design Service

We produced this layout and the client wanted track close together and borders to be cut.

Scalextric Track Design Service

The client was happy and came back a few weeks later and ordered the track.


More case studies to follow (when I get chance to upload them!)...