Scalextric Sport Vs Scalextric Classic Vs Scalextric Start

Scalextric Sport Vs Scalextric Classic Vs Scalextric Start

Here is a brief guide explaining the comparison of Scalextric Sport, Scalextric Classic & Scalextric Start.
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Scalextric Sport

The main advantages of Sport compared to the old Classic (vintage) sets are that the track sections are much easier to assemble, the track surface is smoother and gives better grip levels especially when using cars with Magnatraction. There is a wide range of variety of track sections available along with borders and barriers. The track slot is deeper allowing cars with deeper guides to be used. You can power each lane independently by adding additional transformers. Throttles are now wired for dynamic braking. The slot of the Sport track is deeper than Classic.

Sport advantages

•    Dynamic braking (when you take your finger off the throttle, the car slows down)
•    Easier to assemble
•    Better grip
•    Variety of track and accessories
•    The slot of the Sport track is deeper than Classic
•    Deeper slot (will suit most cars, even other brands)
•    Easier to change braids (metal brushes underneath the cars).

Scalextric Classic

Scalextric Classic track ran from the 60s to the 90s. More info is available in our brief history section. It is still very popular and works very well.
Classic advantages

•    Cheaper
•    Some track pieces that aren’t available in Sport such as hump bridge, long chicane, obstacles, crossover straights, loop the loop, rev start and rough terrain


Scalextric Start

Start is no longer in production.
The track types are quite limited and only has one curve radius and one type of straight length. There are no borders or barriers available. The material is a harder plastic than SPORT which makes it a little better to build bridges but this firmness also makes it more brittle. There is a converter piece available to connect SPORT and START together. While they look like different widths and slot depths they are basically the same.
The controllers have an adjustment to keep children and beginners from pressing down the trigger all the way. They also have no brakes. These controllers are also available for Sport.
The Start cars’ guide blade is slightly longer and squarer, although it is thinner and more prone to breaking.
You can run START cars on SPORT track (and vice-versa) with no problems.
Start advantages
•    Beginners track

Other points to consider

Classic track’s slot depth is not as deep as Sport and so for cars of other manufacturers and can be a problem.

The Classic, Sport and Start labels only apply to track. Scalextric Cars will generally be compatible on all three types.

Sport track will connect to either Scalextric Classic or SCX track by using adaptor sections part C8222.
Start track will connect to Sport track by using adaptor sections C8525.

All three track types can be cleaned in the same way. As discussed in another section.
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