Which Scalextric digital track can be used with Scalextric ARC Pro?

Which Scalextric digital track can be used with Scalextric ARC Pro?

Scalextric C7036 digital lane changing straight can be used with the ARC Pro.

Scalextric C7007 C7008 C7009 C7010 digital curved lane changers will not work with Scalextric ARC Pro.

Scalextric C7014 C7041 pit lanes will work with ARC Pro if used in the standard configuration.

Nesting i.e. two pit lane entry pieces followed by two exit pieces will not be a problem because all the pit lanes are powered from the first entry lane.

Using a pit lane piece in reverse to turn two lanes into a single lane chicane will not work.

Analogue Crossover tracks (Not the crossroads) must be in pairs.

Power booster cables must be used strictly in the same way as you would for Analogue circuits.

The above issues occur because the ARC Pro powerbase needs to have a layout where there are always two lanes that are powered independently. Each of those lanes can be split to power more lanes but can never be combined back in a way that electrically combines the powerbase lanes 1 and 2.

Please let us know if you find any additions to this list so we can help the Scalextric community.
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C7007 and C7008 will work on Arc Pro version 0.4 . Just ran one on my Premium GT set . Works great !

Tim Leap

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