We buy Scalextric from the public

Please email us actionslotracing@gmail.com (not facebook etc) with the following:

1) photos of what you are selling and description of condition and which pieces are working or not. If you can't photo every piece then some examples and a comprehensive list will suffice.

We don't buy single cars.

2) The price you are looking for (with postage cost separately displayed). We don't make offers. Please remember that if you are selling on ebay then they will charge 10% fee. This means if you are selling a £100 set, you will receive £90. Please don't message with "I hoped you would price it as I am not sure" etc, as you will just be referred back to this page because we assume you have not read these instructions.

3) The county you live in (if you require us to use our courier). We do buy from outside the UK but would need you to use your courier.

4) Your paypal email address for us to pay you. If we agree on a price.


We are happy to send you a pre-paid postage label

We use UPS or Royal Mail (depending on size of parcel) and all you have to do is stick our pre-paid label on the parcel and take it to the UPS, Post Office or Royal Mail collection office. You will need a printer for the courier label that we email to you.

Find your Royal Mail Collection Office:

UPS drop-off points:



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