Scalextric Sport 1:32 Track - Powerbase x 12 To Replace C8205 C8207 Straights #A

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12 Power bases

If you want to unscrew the bases, these can easily be converted to half straights or joined together for standard straights. A cheap way of obtaining standard straights.

Simply unscrew the 6 screws with a standard posidrive screwdriver and pull the wires off by hand. Easy.

Condition of this track is what doesn't fit into our excellent or poor categories. Some marks.

I would say average to good condition.

Obviously general photos are used because we have so many of these in stock.

Other photos are further examples.

If in doubt, please ask.

We also sell excellent condition track in another ad.

Please don't buy these if you are wanting excellent condition at a cheaper price. These tracks are usually for people who don't mind cleaning the rails which is quite easy, just needs a bit of elbow grease.

We can advise on this.

The extra photos will give you a guide on some we took out at random.

You can see some are pretty good and some were slightly warped and marked.

May have rust spots on but again, this is easily cleaned off.

We are not saying that these can all be cleaned so they look new (plastic is difficult to restore) but I would be happy to buy them and clean them. That is how we categorise them.

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