Scalextric Digital 1:32 - C8435 ARC Pro With 4 Throttles & 2 Adaptors #E

Scalextric Digital 1:32 - C8435 ARC Pro With 4 Throttles & 2 Adaptors #E

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The ultimate digital slot car race control system is here!
Scalextric ARC PRO; the first digital slot car race control system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races through the use of a handheld smart device (not included).

Using Scalextric’s revolutionary new ARC PRO powerbase in conjunction with this app, users can seamlessly merge the excitement of real time, on-track racing, with the thrill of on-screen gameplay.

Race up to six cars at the same time.

ARC PRO app takes racing to the ultimate level with variable weather conditions, tyre wear, fuel usage, brakes and post-race statistics.

Explore the next level in App Race Control technology - ARC PRO - with exciting new features such as wireless controllers with rumble pack and braking, plus new app features such as weather conditions and race incidents.

How to race up to six cars at the same time

You can race up to six cars at the same time on an ARC PRO track with a few upgrades to this pack. ARC PRO comes with two controllers and one power supply (mains lead).

For each additional car, to race at the same time, you will need another controller for each car. If you are racing 4, 5 or 6 cars simultaneously then you will need another power supply P9300 or C7024. With Scalextric ARC PRO you are using a controller per car and not per lane. So, for six cars you will need six controllers and two power supplies.

Each controller is connected to a different colour on the ARC Pro powerbase. You can attach the relevant coloured lanyard to the controller so you know which is which. Then, manually connect each extra controller - instructions are in the Quick Start Guide. Once they are connected, they can stay on that colour forever.

Vibrating wireless controllers
Roam around the track without crossing wires with your opponent! The controllers contain a rumble pack which alerts you to race features such as if your car needs to pit or the weather changes, plus a braking button for more control.

Customise your throttle profiles to perfectly suit your racing style. 
ARC PRO wireless hand controllers require 2 x AA batteries in each controller (not included).

- Ergonomically designed
- Power level control
- Easy to bind to powerbase
- Feel the race with the rumble pack (easy on/off switch)
- 5m range with 2.4Ghz wireless technology

Take App Race Control to the next level with ARC PRO app

App Functions

8 Racing Modes

1. Quick Race
This mode allows you to create a number of custom events of any type which can be accessed quickly in the future.
2. Practice
This is a non competitive mode in which drivers try to achieve the best lap time over a number of set laps.
3. Grand prix
Competitive mode in which drivers race over a set number of laps.
4. Endurance
Competitive race mode in which drivers race for set amount of time.
5. Tournament
Competitive mode in which drivers race head to head over a set number of laps or for a set amount of time.
6. Drag Race
Competitive race mode in which drivers race on a long straight. The pit exit on the powerbase represents the finish line and the drag strip can be as long as you want.
7. Arcade
8. Pace Car

Customise your race conditions
Lap Counting & Timing
See your current and remaining lap times

Tyre Wear
Add another dimension to your race by monitoring your tyre wear and choosing the right time to pit
Fuel Usage
When your car runs out of fuel pit stops will be required - miss the pits and risk disqualification
Jump Start Penalty
This allows you to define the number of seconds a jump starting driver will be penalised
Race End Type
This defines when the race will end. Standard ends the race once every driver has crossed the line after the winner. All finish will only end the race after each driver has completed the full race distance.

Social media

Twitter race statistics update
Facebook race statistics update
Post-race statistics
Post-race statistics graph


Smart pad not included.

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